Quebec's Director General of Elections hacked

An employee of the office of Quebec's Director General of Elections was hacked, then hid the evidence, and never reported the incident to police.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, the employee had a pop-up on her screen which said, "call Microsoft Support." 

When she called the number, she was connected with a hacker posing as a technical support agent.

The hacker then manipulated the worker into giving him remote access to her computer by convicing her that it had a virus.

Once the hacker had access to her computer, he was able to infiltrate the DGEQ network for six hours.

The employee's screen then froze. 

When she realized what had happened, she called in the office's I.T. department.

The computers were not analyzed, and evidence of the hack was removed.

The Journal de Montreal says the incident ocurred on August 24, one day after the Quebec provincial election was called.