Quebec's 'Netflix tax' could come in early 2018

Quebec's finance minister says he fully intends to tax Netflix and other online streaming services — whether or not the federal government does.

Last month, MNAs voted in favor of imposing the so-called 'Netflix tax' after the federal government cut a deal with the popular streaming service. Under its terms, the feds would not levy a similar tax, in exchange for a pledge from Netflix pump $500 million into the Canadian film industry over five years.

Carlos Leitao sent a letter to his federal counterpart, Bill Morneau, indicating it would start imposing its own tax — even if the feds don't.

"We need to inform them of our intentions because our sales tax, the TVQ, is also harmonized with the GST. Therefore any change, even an administrative change, because that's what it will be, an administrative change, the other government needs to be informed, so that's what we are doing," said Leitao.

Leitao also left the door open to further negotiations with Ottawa on the matter.

The tax could be put into place as early as next year's Quebec budget.