Quebec's Sex Ed class has a few kinks to iron out

The implementation of the Quebec government's sexual education class has not been smooth sailing.

A voluntary survey sent out to schools participating in the pilot project by the Ministry of Education was recently obtained by le Devoir.

The Ministry report reveals a number of issues: a lack of training for teachers, few resources available to schools, delays in obtaining teaching materials and some concerns over the content of the course itself.

Quebec's Education Minister Sébastien Proulx has plans to bring the course to more schools next year, but has delayed its overall implementation so that more work can be done on the content of the class and how it should be taught to students.

The sexual education courses consist of five to 15 hours of instruction per year.

Many of the schools that responded to the survey had expressed a desire for the government to create a more self contained program, rather than forcing teachers to decide how to teach students. As it stands the survey showed teachers would integrate the sexual education content into existing classes, such as French and math.

The Ministry noted that there was a low response rate to the survey, prompting a recommendation to use caution when interpreting the results.