Quebec sex ed classes could be making a comeback

Hot on the heels of the revelation of an alleged sexual assault involving a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, Québec solidaire is calling on the Couillard Liberals to pick up the pace in implementing its sexual education courses.

The original courses were abolished 15 years ago. Since then, a Ministry of Education pilot project has seen a new five to 15 hour course implemented in a handful of schools.

Québec solidaire's Françoise David said the government should move quicker, and reinstate sex-ed for all Quebec students and include a section on gender equality.

"A message of zero tolerance against sexual violence must be sent at an early age" David said. "The Premier cannot forget he is responsible, he is the Minister of Youth Issues. As such it is his duty to ensure young people become responsible adults and are able to maintain interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect."

Couillard said he supports the idea and agreed on the importance of educating young Quebecers about sexuality, and the importance of sexual equality.