Quebec Solidaire looks to win Anglo support

With a provincial election slated for next fall, Quebec Solidaire is already hitting the hustings.

The party wants to build its support, and its numbers in the National Assembly, and hopes to woo some Anglophones - especially left-leaning ones.

Party spokesperson David Alfaro Clark admits attracting English speaking Quebecers is an uphill battle, but says there is more to Quebec Solidaire than its pro-sovereignty views.

"Quebec Solidaire is definitely a sovereignist party and of course that is a barrier for some people, but I think we're quite different from the PQ in that we are very much a pluralist party and a party that believes in inclusion," he told CJAD 800 News

In an attempt to better connect with Anglos and other minorities, the party is holding a panel discussion Thursday night.

It's optimistic the turnout will be good.

So far, it says about 60 people have signed up to attend.

The party currently holds 2 seats in the provincial legislature.

In the last election in 2014, Quebec Solidaire garnered 8 percent of the popular vote.