Quebec Solidaire making gains at PQ's expense: poll

The arrival of former student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois on the political scene has led to a bump in support for Québec Solidaire — at the expense of the Parti Québécois.

A new Léger poll shows the Liberals remain on top in terms of popular support, at 34 per cent — up two points in the past month.

The second-place PQ, however, dropped four points to 25 per cent.

The CAQ was up one to 23 per cent, and Québec Solidaire climbed five points to 14 per cent — very close to a historic high for the hard-left party.

The poll was conducted last week, just after Nadeau-Dubois announced he would be running for QS in the upcoming by-election in the riding of Gouin — left vacant by former QS spokesperson Françoise David.

Even though the Liberal continue to lead, their approval ratings are distressingly low — 65 per cent of voters say they're dissatisfied with the party, up three percentage points. Among francophones, that number rises to 71 per cent.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents, meantime, say they want a change in government in the next election, set for October of 2018.

Quebecers don't seem to have a clear idea of who will replace the Liberals, however, or how the opposition should work together to defeat them. 73 per cent of Péquistes support the idea that they and QS should form some sort of alliance aimed at making it easier to topple the Liberals. But just 43 per cent of QS supporters agree with that idea.