Quebec Solidaire promising 38 new metro stations over the next decade

The leftist Québec Solidaire party is rolling out an ambitious — and pricey — plan to overhaul public transit as we know it in Montreal.

On Thursday morning, the party unveiled what it's calling the Grand Montréal Express. At its heart is a proposal to build no less than 38 metro stations in the city and in Longueuil by 2030 — that includes the entirety of Montreal mayor Valerie Plante's proposal for a pink metro line, running from Lachine to Montreal North. That would be built by 2026.

There would also be extensions to all four existing metro lines.

Meanwhile, there would also be a tram-train built toward eastern Montreal, express bus services along Pie-IX Blvd. and in Laval, and even a transit service running on the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and the south shore.

The party says it will spend $10 billion dollars on transit infrastructure within a first mandate, and $25 billion by 2030.

A Québec Solidaire government would also take control of the REM light-rail project, which is due to be inaugurated in a few years, from the private sector. That would cost $6 billion — though party co-spokesperson Manon Massé isn't saying whether that $6 billion would be on top of, or included in, the $25 billion figure.

Massé also suggested in a tweet Thursday morning that Quebec loses $4 billion every year because of traffic congestion — to say nothing of the cost to the environment.