Quebec Solidaire wants to slash public transit prices by half

On Sunday, Quebec Solidaire (QS) committed to an election promise: halving the price of public transit in all regions of Quebec.

The cost of the measure is estimated at $430 million a year, a "reasonable and realistic" expense, according to the party's co-spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. However, he did not specify how it would be financed.

In his closing speech at the party's national council in Quebec City, he promised to make the environment one of the central themes of the QS upcoming election campaign.

He mocked the actions of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) and the Parti Québécois (PQ), who governed the province irresponsibly, he said. 

But the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is the worst, said Nadeau-Dubois. 

The CAQ is a Liberal Party "on steroids," he claims.

One of the party candidates, the right-wing economist Yuri Chassin,  already mentioned the need to abolish the Green Fund and the Public Hearings Bureau on the environment (BAPE), in addition to calling shale gas an "imaginary danger."

Only millionaires believe that a third road link in Quebec would be good for the environment, added Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois - the MP for Gouin - before an enthusiastic crowd of about 250 people.

QS's commitment to reduce the price of public transit by 50 per cent in the first year of its mandate, with the goal of making it free in 10 years, represents, according to him, "the best" of what the party has to offer the community.

With this commitment, the party hopes to convince Quebecers that it is not just a Montreal-centric party.

During his speech, Nadeau-Dubois also had to defend the party's choice to hold almost all the activities of its national council behind closed doors.

In front of journalists, he explained that the members of QS wish to debate issues amongst themselves, without the risk of becoming "the darling of the social networks" in spite of themselves.

This gathering of the Quebec Solidaire is the last one before the October 1st election.