Quebec still having trouble finding young family doctors

If you're one of the many Quebecers looking for a family doctor, know that you're not alone. The province's medical networks are searching as well.

According to the Canadian Resident Matching Service, there are 65 unfilled family doctor positions after the second round of its 2018 R-1 Main Residency Match.

All of them are in Quebec.

The Service helps young doctors apply for postgraduate residency positions. After the first round of applications it opens it up and allows unmatched applicants to submit their applications to any programs that are still considering candidates.

The number of unfilled family doctor positions has continued to climb since the Quebec government introduced Bill 20, the legislation which put quotas on the minimum number of patients doctors have to see.

In 2015 there were just over 40 openings, with that number jumping to 56 in 2017.

In an email to La Presse a spokesperson for Health Minister Gaétan Barrette said the numbers are nothing to be worried about because many of the empty residency positions end up being filled over the course of the year, usually by outside doctors.