Quebec suspends new increased parking fines following complaints

The Quebec government has suspended the new increase in parking fines after several complaints from motorists.

Quebec amended the Highway Safety Code last May.

The fine for stopping a vehicle "in a place where parking is prohibited by a sign" increased for a total of between $100 and $200, up from $30 to $60.

The new parking fine was about the same as the fine for not stopping at a stop sign or a red light.

The old fines will now apply.

While some cities with their own parking bylaws and fines didn't follow the province's lead, Longueuil, Mont-Tremblant and Trois-Rivières were among the municipalities that adopted the higher rates under the provincial law - motorists were complaining about getting parking tickets for $170 that used to cost $43.

Police also had the discretion of applying the provincial or municipal bylaw but in general, the municipal bylaw applied.

Motorists also complained that the Transport Ministry didn't advertise the changes and didn't include them among the safety code amendments published online.