Quebec to increase minimum beer prices 2.3% April 1

This ain't no April fools' joke. The price of beer is going up on April 1.

The Régie des alcools has released its annual increase for the minimum price of beer sold, this year it goes up between 2 and 2.3 per cent.

The increases differ depending on the alcohol content of the product:

  • Less than 4.1%: $2.9777 to $3.0372 per litre
  • Between 4.1% and 4.9%: $3.1452 to $3.2081 per litre
  • Between 4.9% and 6.2%: $3.2626 to $3.3279 per litre
  • More than 6.2%: $3.3720 to $3.4395 per litre

What does that mean for you the consumer? Not too much.

A 24-pack of Molson Dry (5.5%) would see an increase of about 61 cents, while a 24-pack of Bud Light (4%) will cost an addition 55 cents.

Most Quebecers won't really notice the increase as the majority of stores that sell beer (Costco and a handful of smaller stores excluded) already sell the products for a couple dollars more than the minimum price anyway.