Quebec to review dangerous dog laws following latest attack

The fate of dangerous dogs in Quebec could be decided before the end of the year.

Quebec Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault said the government will be reviewing the current legislation giving power to municipalities to decide how their city restricts potentially dangerous dogs.

"Certainly we have to be clear on the basis of the rules that we want to have throughout the province of Quebec," Guilbault said. "Do we keep that idea that cities should be able to have their own rules or do we have the same rules for all the cities throughout the province?"

She made the comments Tuesday morning after two women from Sainte-Béatrix in the Lanaudiere region were sent to hospital after being attacked by two dogs. The 31 and 73-year-old women suffered serious injuries.

According to first reports, the dogs involved were a one-year-old pitbull and a five or six month-old Australian Shpherd.

The CAQ has said current provincial regulations on dangerous dogs are too vague and have considered tightening the rules.

Guilbault said she will make a decision on what to do about dangerous dogs in Quebec in the coming weeks.