Quebec to subsidize aging arena upgrades and repairs

If you're the parent of an amateur hockey player, you've likely spent a lot of time in arenas all over the province. You've also likely noticed some of them are in need of an upgrade.

Well, Education, Recreation and Sports Minister Sebastien Proulx agreed and on Monday announced a $57 million investment to improve safety and modernize many of the aging arenas and curling clubs in Quebec.

The main focus will be on facilities that use gas-fired refrigeration systems to cool the ice.

The subsidy program will see the government cover half the cost of renovations; up to $700,000 for the refrigeration systems and up to $300,000 to facility upgrades.

The money will given municipal, schools or non-profit organizations with the projects slated to be completed by March 2020.

The selected arenas and curling clubs will announced in the coming weeks.