Quebec trucking companies going the extra mile for missing persons

You may have noticed these while you're on the road.

For nearly a year now, a Quebec trucking company has been posting pictures of missing persons on their fleet of trucks in a bid to help find them.

Transport Gilmyr in Montmagny, east of Quebec City, teamed up with a group supporting families of unresolved murders and disappearances (MDIQ - Meurtres et disparitions irrésolus du Québec) to put up the posters on the company's fleet of  trucks, including such high profile cases as Marilyn Bergeron and David Fortin. Other Quebec trucking companies have done the same.

With Transport Gilmyr's 360 tractor trailers and trucks travelling across Quebec, the rest of Canada and the U.S., the posters of missing persons get wide visibility.

The cost of the first poster - $45 plus taxes - is paid by MDIQ while the rest are either covered by the trucking company or by families and donors. The cost to the companies is installation but if they don't want to pay for it, MDIQ volunteers put up the posters.



The Missing Children's Network welcomes the initiative. Three years ago, they started a similar postering project with Total Logistics Trucking in Vaudreuil which paid for the costs.

"The more the photographs of missing children can be seen, the better are the chances that someone has some kind of information that will lead us to the whereabouts of the missing person and we can bring some closure to the families," said director general Pina Arcamone.

Arcamone says they're hoping more trucking companies will come forward to expand the initiative.

"It also sends a nice message that we're keeping hope alive," said Arcamone.