Quebecer says he was intensely questioned, then turned back at the U.S. border

Another Quebecer says he was turned back at the U.S. border on Thursday 

19-year-old Yassine Aber is a track athlete at the University of Sherbrooke, and he was on his way to a meet in Boston with his Vert et Or teammates.

Aber was born in Shebrooke, and has lives there his entire life, but his parents are originally from Morocco.

He was turned away for not having the proper documentation, even though he was carrying his Canadian passport, which he says is valid until 2026.

Aber says he spent a total of five and a half hours at the border, and while he was there, border guards confiscated his cell phone, demanding his password to access its contents.

He also says he was questioned about his lifestyle habits.

Last weekend, south shore resident Fadwa Alawi was turned away for a similar reason, despite being a Canadian citizen and having a valid passport with her.

Several other Canadians with Arabic-sounding names have reported being questioned, and even refused entry to the U.S. since president Donald Trump imposed his now-suspended travel ban for residents of seven North African or Middle Eastern countries with Muslim majorities.

The list does not include Morocco.