Quebecer stranded in Cuba doesn't like boat rescue price tag

A Quebecer stuck in Cuba since late January says the nation's Communist government is asking too much to make his sailboat seaworthy again.  

Didier Epars and his son got caught in a storm January 27, and decided to beach their 30-meter sailboat instead of letting it capsize.  

Epars tells La Presse that Cuba is asking $270,000 to refloat the vessel and tow it to Havana.  His insurance company doesn't like that price and is looking at sending in help from elsewhere.

Epars says while he waits for word under the oppressive eye of the army, he sees scavangers going aboard the ship every night looking for valuables.  

He is also worried that the Cuban government may seize the vessel.  It is lying partially on its side in shallow water off a nature preserve.