Quebecer sues parents for a million dollars, claiming abusive upbringing

A Quebecer who is now a resident doctor has won the court's permission to proceed with a lawsuit against her parents.  

Valerie Millette is claiming $1-million in damages, saying her childhood was filled with brutal spanking sessions, kicks, forced kneeling, sleep deprivation and psychological abuse that she feels amounted to torture.  

Millette is 32 now.  

In court documents obtained by the Journal de Montreal, she says her father was so angry and aggressive that she often feared she'd be killed.  She also says her mother was physically abusive, and used isolation as a punishment as well.  

Although Millette did make her way through medical school, she says the scars of her childhood experiences are still with her, in the form of an anxiety disorder, problems with self-esteem and insomnia, and a social phobia.  

Her parents tried to get the civil suit thrown out, claiming the events happened too long ago and that Millette was a defiant child, a drug user and a runaway.  

A judge ruled that the lawsuit should proceed, saying questions should be asked about what might have caused Millette's behaviour,