Quebecer suspected of links to darkweb site found dead in Thai prison cell

An IT specialist from Quebec has been found dead in a prison cell in Thailand, a suspected suicide.  

25-year old Alexandre Cazes of Trois Rivieres had been living in Bangkok for a number of years.  

He was arrested about ten days ago at the request of the FBI, which was looking into a notorious site on the dark web, AlphaBay, a hub for people looking to trade in illicit drugs, weapons and stolen personal data.  

The same day he was arrested in Thailand, the Mounties raided his mother's home in Trois Rivieres, as well as a storage space.  

La Presse reports that Cazes may have been the character known in the contraband marketplace by the moniker DeSnake, who handled the IT side of AlphaBay.

AlphaBay went dark when Cazes was arrested.