Quebecers judge 15 years of Liberal governments harshly: Léger poll

Quebecers are judging the Liberals Government's fifteen years in office very harshly in a new Léger poll conducted for the Journal de Montréal. The deterioration of the province's health care system tops the list of things citizens are disappointed in, with 23% of people surveyed pointing to health care first. 

Fifteen years later, the Léger poll suggests a whopping 81% Quebecers are not happy about the province's health care performance. In 2003, former premier Jean Charest promised to provide relief for swamped emergency rooms and to reduce waiting lists for certain types of surgeries. 

"We are committed to results," said Charest, then-Liberal premier, a few days after his election. "This is our first priority! "

Three-quarters of respondents also said they are unhappy with Quebec's education results. 

Equity between men and women

Nearly one in two people, however, applaud the Liberals' actions with respect to gender equality.

While leading a minority government in 2007, Jean Charest wrote a page in the history books in 2007 by constituting the first Joint Council of Ministers.

The Liberals also passed a law forcing Crown corporations to present a board of directors with equal representation of women and men.

Best Premier?

Robert Bourassa is considered the best Premier in Quebec in the past 25 years, by a quarter of respondents, followed by Lucien Bouchard. Current Premier Philippe Couillard grabed only 7% of the votes, tied with Pauline Marois.  


Meantime, 67% of those surveyed say they believe that the overall record of the Quebec Liberals' reign is quote negative.