Quebecers say Yes to liberalizing wine sales

A survey conducted by the Leger Marketing firm indicates most Quebecers would support more flexible regulations governing the sale of wine in Quebec.

71% of respondents say they want an end to the monopoly currently enjoyed by the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).

The poll was conducted for the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) which says regardless of age or gender Quebecers feel the current monopoly enjoyed by the SAQ causes them to waste their time.

Researcher Germain Belzile says they are not calling for outright privatization of the state agency but he says Quebecers want more choice when it comes to shopping for wine.

The MEI says there are an estimated 9500 grocery and convenience stores in Quebec which could offer unrestricted wine sales.

They also concluded that such changes would result not only more choices for Quebecers and reduced prices.

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