Rainfall warning for Montreal area: 30-60mm on the way

After several municipalities across Quebec issued warnings of the risk of flooding, Environment Canada has maintained its rainfall warning and even increased the amount we're expected to see.

The weather agency said the Montreal and surrounding area could see between 30 and 60 millimetres of rain through Saturday afternoon.

"Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible" the warning said.

On Thursday Quebec's public security minister Genevieve Guilbault urged those living in regions where the risk of flooding is high to not take any chances and follow the advice and directions of civil security officials.

In Rigaud the Mayor said those who do not listen to evacuation orders shouldn't expect a rescue after the fact.

"Once we say to evacuate, if you don't listen, that's where my responsibility ends," Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. said.

The municipality's fire chief said it's a question of putting additional lives in danger.

"Part of our responsibility is we will ensure the security of our citizens as long as we don't put the security of our firefighters at risk," fire chief Daniel Boyer told media. "It's part of my job to give service to the citizens but it's also part of my job to make sure my guys and girls don't get hurt doing it."

In Laval the Mayor declared a state of emergency for areas of the city that are in floodzones. 

In a statement the city said more than 15-hundred homes and businesses could be affected by rising water levels in the coming days.

With the declaration, the city is able to quickly respond to needs and spend the needed money without the requirement to go through the normal channels.