Rally held in Pointe St. Charles after mosque vandalized

About 200 people turned out on Friday afternoon for a solidarity vigil at a mosque in Pointe-Sainte-Charles that was vandalized Thursday night.

Someone threw a brick into a window at the Khadijah Islamic Centre and threw eggs at the front wall. 

The vigil was organized by community group Action Watchdog/Ange Gardien. Jean Lalande is a member and has lived in the Pointe for over 30 years.

"There's still a lot of ignorance, there's still a lot of people who'd never dream of doing anything like that, but still are afraid of muslim, they're afraid of people who are different," said Lalande.

Vigil participants carried small placards with messages such as "Love and peace for our Muslim neighbour," "Islamophobia out of my Pointe," and "Make racists afraid again."

Mosque officials invited everyone inside for coffee and tea and to see what they're all about.

"To show that this is not a terrorism place, this is an Islamic place, only peaceful things, a peaceful place and we just come to have a prayer," said mosque member Kayum Bhuiyan.

Christopher Forrestor and Audrey-May Ayotte were among the first to arrive in the bitter cold, with bouquets of flowers in hand.

"After what happened in Quebec City earlier this week, we just felt awful that somebody would try to do something like that here and scare the people who come here," said Forrestor.

"We just wanted to show that not everyone in the community feels this way, we want them to feel safe coming here and welcome," said Ayotte. 

The mosque has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help repair the damage.