Rally Tuesday demanding reimbursement for Hydro over-billing

Some calculate that if the government were to reimburse each Hydro Quebec client that was overcharged from 2008 to 2016 we would each receive about $300-$350.

Organizers of a rally in Centre Saint Pierre Tuesday night plan to demand everyone get their money back.

They're sending a formal notice to Premier Philippe Couillard giving him 10 days to respond with how and when Quebecers will be reimbursed for inflated Hydro bills.

Hundreds are expected to attend.

"They're upset and rightfully so," says Pascal Zamprelli spokesperson for the Coalition Peuple Allume organizing the rally. "When Quebec nationalized electricity the idea was that the low cost of production would be passed on to all the customers."

He says residents overpaid the government by $1.4 billion dollars since 2008  and if Couillard doesn't offer reimbursement they have plans to force the issue

"One logical possibility of course is a class-action." he says.

The rally begins tonight at 6:00 at Centre Saint Pierre on Rue Panet and Rene-Levesque.