Ready or not, Beaudry metro station reopens Monday

It won't exactly be a work of art, but on Monday morning, the Beaudry metro station in the heart of the city's Gay Village will welcome its first passengers since last fall.

The station closed last Oct. 1 for extensive renovation work. Crews spent the winter tearing down the station's old beige and brown walls and doing some patching work on some of the cracks in the concrete that have developed over the decades.

During that whole time, metro trains on the green line skipped Beaudry altogether, giving metro riders an idea of the progress that's been made.

But Amélie Régis with the STM says while the station is able to receive passengers again, work on the walls, floors, ceilings and new signage will continue for nearly another year, until March 2020.

"Work will remain to be completed until March 2020, so you won't have a 'wow effect' once we reopen the station," Régis said. "A lot of the architectural finishings will have to be completed."

In the past week, however, some red seats were installed where the old brown ones were, but at the track level, there remains much work to be done — the cladding on the walls still needs to be set up, among other things. But when it does, there'll be different colors to look at — instead of beige and brown, there'll be a brighter white, slate grey and some splashes of red, recalling the original orange tiling used when the station opened. (See a preview below.)

The Beaudry station was one of the original stations which opened in 1966. Its most unique feature is its long, inclined moving sidewalk leading from the ticket booth to the tracks — the only one of its kind in the entire metro network.

Régis says there will be similar station renovations in the coming years — the STM will spend $1.6 billion on renovations between 2020 and 2025, particularly at older stations.

The Côte-Vertu station in St. Laurent is the next station on the list to be closed for an extended period of time — it will be closed for almost three months in the summer of 2020.