Record breaking cold to ring in the New Year

2018 may only be a day and a half old but it's already a record breaker.

While many Canadians were out ringing in the New Year many were braving historic low temperatures.

The overnight Sunday into Monday got so cold across Canada that four provinces saw their previous records fall.

The new record low-temperature for January, 1 was recorded along La Grande Rivière, near Radisson in Northwestern Quebec.

The mercury dropped to -48.2°C early Monday morning.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario also saw temperature plummet to an all-time low New Year’s Eve into New Year's Day.

If you're hoping the cold spell will be gone with the New Year, Environment Canada projects it is still a multi-day event.

The extreme cold warning remains in effect for the Montreal and surrounding areas, as well as many other parts of Quebec and Canada, giving everyone a couple of days to double up on the new socks they received for Christmas.