Recount possible in Longueuil

There could be a judicial recount in South Shore Longueuil.  

Second-place finisher Josée Latendresse fell short of the mayor's job by just 118 votes.  Her team is mulling over whether to ask a court to count the ballots again, especially since her Longueuil Citoyen team won a majority on coucil, taking nine seats out of 17.  

Latendresse tells La Presse that she is especially concerned about the number of rejected ballots, 1,266.  Still, that is significantly fewer than the number ruled inadmissable during the 2013 election, 2,100. 

For her part, first-place finisher Sylvie Parent says she will continue conducting herself as the winner of Sunday's municipal vote until she sees proof to the contrary.  

Parent does say that she is extending her hand to opposition councillors in the hope they'll be able to work with her and her team.