REMINDER: Montreal's pit bull registration deadline is today

Today is the final day to register your pit bull-type dog with the city of Montreal.

Starting Saturday, April 1, the city's controversial animal control bylaw comes into effect, banning all non-registered pit bulls from Montreal boroughs. 

"If you don't have registered your pit bull, after the first of April the dog could be seized" city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin said.

He adds the city will not euthanize unregistered pit bull-type dogs, but they will be removed from Montreal.

According to the latest numbers from the city, 85 per cent of pit bull owners have registered their dog, which leaves about 200 hold outs. As of April 1, the owners who have not obtained a permit will no longer be able to get one and risk a hefty fine and the loss of their pet.

Mayor Denis Coderre said the city gave ample time for owners to get the registration process in order.

"We gave an extra three months, we've been talking about it all know, there's no surprise," he said.

With the uncertainty of how stray animals will be taken care of, or where they might end up, the Montreal SPCA temporarily extended its animal control services with a number of boroughs beyond March 31.

The shelter had announced it would no longer provide dog control services because of its opposition to the Breed-Specific Legislation enacted by the city. The SPCA said with the BSL in place it could be forced to euthanize healthy animals because of their breed, something that goes against the shelters values and mission.

Spokesperson Anita Kapuscinska said the SPCA is in talks with some boroughs to continue the job, providing the shelter not be required to take any action regarding pit bulls.

The SPCA will continue to have dogs at the shelter, even without being contractually obligated to take them in, and will still provide sterilization and other services to dog owners as well.

For more information on how to register your pit bull you can call the city's 3-1-1 information hotline, visit an Accès Montréal office or visit the city's website.