Renovations begin at big Montreal tourist attraction

Big renovations have begun at St Joseph's oratory. 

The project is the biggest there in almost a hundred years.

The work will improve accessibility throughout and there'll be a new observation point at the top of the dome.  

According to officials, it's important to modernize a major Montreal tourist attraction.

"The makover will include a new welcoming center at street level and escalators and elevators all the way up inside. The crown and glory will be a new dome area, actually the dome above the dome that we see from the inside now. Visitors will be able to ascend through the outer dome", reported CTV's Max Harrold. 

The work is slated to cost some 75-million dollars.  

Mayor Valerie Plante said the investment is worth it.

"I see it as a part of Montreal's heritage. That's really where I'm concentrating the efforts and also the money we're investing, just like we'd be investing, for example, in the Olympic stadium", she said. 

The mayor also said she plans to send out a special invitation, much like mayor Denis Coderre did before her.

"Once we, you know, we redo or we make this place even better, because it is a beautiful place, but, let's improve it, yes, let's invite the Pope", added Plante.