Repeated calls for Quebec to cut rental board delays

There's a call again for Quebec to change the Regie du Logement to deal with excessive delays at the rental board.

A new study followed nearly 50 tenants and families who complained to the board about mouldy and dirty apartments.

The smallest waiting time for an initial hearing was nearly a year, more than three years until the necessary repairs were made.

And, only 1 per cent of these complaints make it to the Regie.

"I think a lot of tenants understand that since it takes so long to even get a hearing at the rental board, it's just not a solution to their problems. The people are stuck in terrible apartments and frequently, as we've seen in this study, they will leave the apartment well before they ever get a hearing at the rental board", said Cathy Inoue, community organizer with Project Genesis, who spoke with CTV.

Inoue added it seems the rental board or the Quebec government isn't taking tenants' concerns seriously, especially given that few of thse cases make it to the board.

She said such cases should make it "almost immediately".

According to Inouye. "they definitely need a way to be able to identify urgent health and safety issue cases" and hear them very quickly, within 3 days, and also hire more personnel. 

As well, there's a "glut of non-payment cases" at the board and officials, said Inoue, prioritize those cases, even if it's a small amount of 5 dollars.



- With files from CTV News