Republican throws legal 'shade' to stop 9 year old drag queen

The drag performance of a 9-year-old boy at a bar outside Ohio's capital city last December has one of the state's lawmakers throwing legislative 'shade.' Republican Timothy Schaffer's proposed law is aimed at closing what he calls a "loophole in child exploitation laws."

The Blade reports that Schaffer, a Lancaster Republican, wants to update child endangering laws to prevent performances by children that simulate sexual activity and appeal to "the prurient interest."

Schaffer says Ohio can "do better" to protect children.

Jacob Measley's mother, Jerri, disagrees. She says her son is not allowed to dance to songs with sexual language and that his moves were learned in dance and gymnastics classes.

The furor began after Jacob, of Perrysburg, performed in drag as "Miss Mae Hem" at a Lancaster bar outside Columbus in December.