Residents of an NDG street ticked about getting ticketed

More than 30 residents of a small neighborhood in NDG are upset about parking tickets they were given last month.

They say they weren't given enough warning about a recent change to street signs, and say city parking enforcement workers moved in to take advantage of the confusion and blitz the street.

No less than 33 tickets, worth $62 each, were handed out to residents of a stretch of Clanranald Ave., and a small part of Isabella Ave., shortly after city workers made the change on Oct. 3, a Wednesday morning.

In September, street-cleaning signs had been covered up, to accommodate Orthodox Jews in the neighborhood who cannot move their cars from one side of the street to the other during the Jewish high holidays.

But without warning, the signs were uncovered, and the restrictions were put back in force.

Some of those who received the tickets are suggesting there might be a ticket trap at issue — even though this accommodation for the Jewish high holidays has been made for several years, and even though the tickets weren't handed out until Thursday, more than 24 hours after the signs were uncovered.

Asher Jacobson, the rabbi at The Chevra on Clanranald Ave., says while he's grateful for the accommodation, he says the city should give some kind of advance notice to anyone who uses the street that the parking restrictions would come to an end.

"It's just a decent thing to do to consider that...especially non-Jewish residents have no idea when this holiday comes to an end," Jacobson said.

Borough mayor Sue Montgomery told the Journal de Montreal she won't move to cancel the tickets, suggesting motorists should have paid better attention to the signs, and a spokesperson for Montreal police tells the paper the tickets were handed out according to the rules in place.

Should the city refund the tickets in this case?