Residents of Glenmount district can still use TMR services — but for a fee

A deal's been struck between Town of Mount Royal and the Cote-des-Neiges-NDG borough to allow residents of the Glenmount district to continue using TMR.'s services — but now, Glenmount residents will have to pay for them.

Glenmount is located on the north side of Jean-Talon Blvd., and a set of train tracks that cut it off from the rest of the borough.

The deal replaces one which expired in December, which allowed hundreds of residents in the neighborhood to use services from TMR for free. Now, access to TMR's library, for example, would cost around $300 for a family of four.

Glenmount residents will, however, be able to register for courses on the same day as TMR residents.

Guillaume Tardif, who heads a group of Glenmount residents, says that while many residents can afford the extra fees, they're prohibitive for others.

"It's a question of proximity, and it's the fact that the neighborhood is essentially cut off from the rest of the borough geographically, on account of the train tracks and Jean-Talon, which is a pretty scary threshold to have your children cross, on a bicycle, for example."

In 2017, the borough paid $155,000 to allow residents in the neighborhood to use TMR's services — an amount which Cote-des-Neiges-NDG mayor Sue Montgomery had said was too high.

Glenmount residents will hold a meeting next month to discuss their next move — among them, a push for annexation to Town of Mount Royal, if it means getting the same services as TMR residents.