Revenue Quebec set to hit the bricks for better pay on Tuesday

On Tuesday afternoon, around 4,600 members of the Quebec Government Professionals' Union (SPGQ) will demonstrate in front of nearly a dozen Revenue Quebec buildings across the province.

They are Revenue Quebec employees who are pushing the government to receive better working conditions, particularly a salary increase. 

President of the SPGQ, Richard Perron, salaries have been the main problem in their negotiations with the Quebec Treasury Board.

He says workers want the increase so they can feel respected.

"It's all about fairness regarding the job they're able to do and what they would earn if they were in other places," Perron said.

Perron also says there's a discrepancy between what a Revenue Quebec worker earns and what they would earn in another provincial public administration doing the same job. 

He wants the government to make the necessary changes, so "they will feel respected and will be proud to stay at their jobs."

The union and the provincial government are in talks for their first collective bargaining agreement, and Perron says that could be achieved quickly if the Treasury Board takes their negotiations seriously.

CJAD 800 reached out to Revenu Quebec for comment, but they have not yet responded.