Rolling back the odometer. Not a thing of the past

One of the oldest scams in the books continues to be the "go to" move for a certain number of used car dealers in Quebec.

Despite advances in car technology, rolling back the odometer continues to be easy to do and very lucrative.

A recent investigation from the Journal de Montreal found the Surete du Quebec recently discovered the number of complaints submitted to the Consumer Protection Act jumped from 66 complaints in 2016 to 81 in 2018.

Alex De Marchi, a mechanics instructor at Aviron Technical College says if you do your due dilligeance, there are many ways to protect yourself. 

"Take the serial number of the vehicle, go to the original manufacturer and they will be able to give you a full history of the car."  says De Marchi. "What you see on the dashboard is just the surface, most dealerships won't or can't actually change every computer in your car."

He warns the best way to protect yourself is to buy a used car directly from the manufacturer, but if you can't and are buying private, always make sure you get a bill of sale and any receipts from maintenance done on the car. Other ways to spot tampering with the car is to do basic math. 

"The average driver does about 20,000km a year. If the car is five years old it should have roughly 100,000km" De Marchi added.

The report in the Journal de Montreal also discovered most of the tampered vehicles are coming from Ontario, and says to check the original province the car is coming from. it's a good start when doing your own invesitigation.