Rules on booze will soon become slightly looser in Quebec

Quebec's National Assembly voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a bill loosening the rules on alcohol.

Among other things, Bill 170 removes the restriction on people drinking alcohol in restaurants without ordering a meal, and grocery stores and depanneurs would be allowed to start selling alcohol one hour earlier, at 7 a.m.

People would also be allowed to drink in a hotel lobby or other common areas, restaurants would be able to apply for a delivery permit for booze, and bar and restaurant owners will have to be trained in responsible consumption.

The law won't come into effect before the Public Security minister issues a decree, but as of July 1st, a couple of other significant measures will take effect — children accompanied by adults will be able to sit on a terrasse where alcohol is served until 10 p.m., instead of having to clear out at 8 p.m.

Also on July 1st, bartenders would be able to prepare drinks ahead of time, in anticipation of a large rush.

Bill 170 will come into effect as soon as the Minister of Public Safety issues a decree.