Ruling in favour of Varennes homeowners may slow Turcot project

The Turcot interchange rebuild that has been fouling up traffic for months now may be slowed because of a court injuction obtained by a few dozen people living in Varennes, on the South Shore.  

La Presse reports that they live on a back road used by a quarry and and asphalt company.  The quarry has the contract to supply crushed stone for the Turcot project, and heavily-loaded trucks are coming and going around the clock - more than 600 trips during each day and more than a thousand each night.  

The residents say they are experiencing sleeping trouble and stress, and are unable to do anything outdoors because of the constant racket and dust.  

A judge has ordered the truck traffic reduced to pre-2016 levels, with no shipments at night or on weekends, as a lawsuit filed by the residents makes its way through the courts. .