Runners hit the pavement to battle cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society "Run for the Cure" will be held today in four Quebec cities, including: Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Val-d'Or.

Thousands of Quebecers will participate in the event, which supports the cause of breast cancer. The goal is to raise at least a million dollars ...100% of which will go to research ... as well as a number of programs and support services. 

Isabelle Racicot is the spokesperson for the event. In 1985, she lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of 37.

Racicot believes that if her mother had contracted the disease in 2018, she would have been a survivor because the research allowed for a rapid evolution of treatments. The survival rate is now 87% after five years.

Racicot also reminds women that they should have a regular mammogram.