SCAM ALERT: Elections Quebec will not pay you to go vote

Elections Quebec is pulling out all the stops to try and get as many people to turn up and cast a ballot in the next Provincial Election, but they are not going to pay you.

The organization responsible with organizing elections is putting Quebecers on notice, a new scam is being circulated with fraudsters pretending to be ready to pay you to go out and vote.

The text message that has been sent Quebecers says Elections Quebec is encouraging you to participate in the 2018 provincial election, even offering you some money for your time.

To receive your small pay day all you need to do is click a link, which is provided, and fill in your bank information.

Don't. It's a scam.

"Please know that under no circumstances would Elections Quebec require compensation, or offer remuneration to exercise the right to vote in general elections," the group wrote on its Facebook page.