Search underway in Hamilton after dog placed on wrong Westjet flight runs away

A search is under way in the Hamilton area for a dog that wound up in the city after apparently being placed aboard a wrong Westjet flight.

Tanya Simon, the mother of the woman who owns the Golden Labradoodle, said on Facebook that "Cooper" was supposed to be flown from Halifax to Deer Lake, NL on Wednesday to stay with family members while her daughter and roommate headed to Jamaica for her wedding.

But "Cooper" was somehow placed on a flight to Hamilton and Simon wrote that her daughter hs instead flown to the Ontario city and "searching desperately with no luck."

A WestJet spokeswoman told Toronto's CityNews that the dog got off his leash in Hamilton after he was taken out of the kennel for a walk.

WestJet said it as doing everything possible to find the dog, including ground searches, putting up posters, and following tips from the Hamilton airport security phone line.

"We are extremely sorry this happened but the intention was to make the dog comfortable given the journey he was on," the spokesperson said in an email.