Sexual assault reports increase by 23% in Quebec in 2017

Since the #metoo movement emboldened women experiencing sexual assault Montreal police have been taking 23% more reports than in previous years.

Over 1800 people came forward in 2017, nearly 350 more than the year before.

City councillor Alex Norris Chair of the Public Security Commission says most reports came in October and November last year just as the #metoo movement was taking off.

"We believe that a large proportion of this increase is attributable to the #metoo movement," he says. "Women in particular who had experience sexual assault and had not laid a complaint feeling inspired."

The #metoo movement dominated headlines last year starting with the Harvey Weinstien scandal, here in Quebec Just for Laughs CEO Gilbert Rozon was accused of harassing several employees.

Even up 23% percent these numbers are considered low - with statistics Canada estimating that less than 1 in 5 sexual assaults are reported to police.

Of those only about 60% of complaints are expected to garner convictions.