'She still knows who I am, which is a miracle': Jann Arden on her mom, voice and new work

Jann Arden is a singer, songwriter, broadcaster and author, and she’s also recently become a ‘primary parent.’

Arden's mother is battling Alzheimer's, and has chronicled that experience in a new book, Feeding My Mother. It's also inspired some of the songs in her new album, These Are the Days.

Why speak about something so painful - and personal? 

'I felt very isolated by this disease, and I don't want other people to feel this way. And I do have access to social media, and a platform, so I just thought, if this can help anybody, it's worth it,' she explained. 

Arden joined Andrew for a candid conversation about family, memory - and why her voice is at its 'Tessa Virtue' moment: