Sherbrooke man goes missing in northern California

Police in northern California are hoping the public can help them track down a 25-year-old Quebec man who has been missing for a few days.

Félix Desautels-Poirier, from Sherbrooke, was last seen with friends on Tuesday in Arcata, about 500 kilometres north of San Francisco.

The group was partying and his friends say Desautels-Poirier fell asleep on the ground outside.

When they woke up, his friends found that he was no longer there, but his belongings were still there, including his cell phone and his glasses.

In an interview with the Times Standard newspaper, the missing man’s mother Claudine Desautels said she could not go to California at the moment because she is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Anyone with information about Félix Desautels-Poirier should contact the Arcata Police Department at 707-822-2428.