Shorter waits coming for midday metro service on orange and green lines

The STM is promising you more frequent metro service and more bus service on certain lines starting next year. 

The STM introduced its five minutes max policy during weeknight metro service a few years back and chairman Philippe Schnobb said that as of next year during the weekday...

"In January, five minutes max on the orange line and on the green line. That will be a big improvement for clients who are travelling between peak hours like in the middle of the afternoon when service can be eight or nine minutes," said Schnobb in an interview with CJAD 800.

They'll also be getting two additional Azur trains which will be likely added to the already congested orange line.

As part of their budget announced yesterday, the STM is also boosting bus service - 83,000 more hours; over 260 more bus shelters; two new elevators at Jean-Drapeau and Jean-Talon metro stations; and more green line stations where you can use wireless for your cellphone -  between Papineau and Honoré-Beaugrand - with the rest of the green line to be connected in 2020.

Schnobb said they haven't decided yet which bus routes will be getting those 83,000 additional hours of bus service.

The new budget is up 5% compared to last year, with $70M in spending.