Should Montreal police continue taking hit-and-run reports?

It seems Montreal police no longer care if your car gets dented in a parking lot by a driver who then leaves the scene.

Montreal police tell the Montreal Gazette they stopped dealing with those kinds of hit-and-run reports about six months ago, in part, because while thousands of cases are reported to them every year, the overwhelming majority of them are filed with virtually no evidence — not even so much as a licence plate number.

And sometimes, having a licence plate number isn't even enough for police to pursue the case, despite the fact such hit-and-run incidents are, without question, criminal acts.

Quebec's auto insurance board doesn't appear to be aware of the change in policy at the Montreal police department — on their web site, they still advise people caught in that situation to file a police report, for insurance purposes.

Under Quebec's no-fault insurance system, the province will pay for the repairs if your insurance covers damages from hit-and-run. However, the victim still has to pay a deductible — often a substantial one — unless the perp is caught.

An email from Montreal police to the Gazette, meanwhile, says many other police forces in the province are doing the same thing with hit-and-run reports, though the paper also reports forces in Quebec City and Laval still take those kinds of reports — though Laval, it seems, is taking a second look at the policy.