Should school fees in Quebec become a thing of the past?

Quebec is asking for your opinion in an online survey designed to determine how Quebecers see the role of public schools.

The Legault government is trying to sort out the issue of whether parents or schools should pay for things like school supplies, extracurricular activities, work books and agendas.

The consultations come after a group of parents launched a class-action lawsuit, which led to school boards agreeing to pay parents $153 million for illegal school fees, and the abolition of school fees in Quebec.

Westwood High School teacher Catherine Hogan says without school fees, the quality of education has declined dramatically.

"If the ministry does not want us to charge fees then they've got to start adopting some of these fees and taking them on," Hogan says. "Education in a public school board cannot be a privilege."

She says students shouldn't have to make their own agenda books because the schools won't provide them, and parents are barred from buying one for them.

Meanwhile, the head of the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec, Corrine Payne, says the fees that parents are paying vary from school to school, and clearer rules will create a more equitable public system.

CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour contributed to this report.