Single mother's new house deemed uninhabitable after passing inspection

Tanya Leblanc, a working nurse and single mom, has been saving and scrimping to buy a home for her and her son for years, she thought they'd found the perfect place in Saint Lazare, only to move in and find the place uninhabitable.

"There was a carpenter ants nest in one of my walls, under a big window" she says.

Not only ants but water, black mold, and mice, the structural engineer that came in to see the damage told her they couldn't safely live in the house.

Lablanc had had the house inspected before buying - but that was in January and the ants were laying dormant.

Now the previous owners claiming bankruptcy so she can't sue, and she and her 7 year old son have been bouncing from couch to homeless shelter to couch since then.

"Even if you do everything you're supposed to do, you can still wind up on the losing end when everything comes through." says Leblanc.

He friend and fellow beaver troupe leader Jamieson Hunziker saw the stress it was causing the small family.

"She was at the end, where she had no more energy left and I said you know what, I can help."

Together they've started a go-fund-me campaign to help Leblanc raise enough to renovate the house to safe conditions.

They're hoping to raise $150,000 to replace the walls, flooring, and all the damaged furniture and clothing contaminated by mold.