Sinkhole opens up on Saint-Laurent in Chinatown

A sinkhole in Chinatown opened up during the day Sunday, nearly swallowing up a traffic light on the corner of Viger Ave. and Saint-Laurent Blvd.

The sinkhole did not leave a large hole in the ground, but was significant enough to shutter traffic on Saint-Laurent between Viger and de la Gauchetière.  Montreal police say they do not expect traffic on that stretch of the street to re-open until late Monday at the earliest.

City of Montreal spokesman Philippe Sabourin indicated in an interview with CTV News that the hole was caused by the collapse of a retaining wall at a nearby condominium development.

Sabourin said that the incident is "the responsibility of a private entrepreneur," and added that municipal costs to repair the hole will be paid by the developer.

The city said the developer has been co-operative so far.

But Sabourin added that "at this point, that's not our main concern.  Our main concern is to re-open the road, as soon as possible."