Sketchy social media threat closes Beaconsfield High for the day

A social media post which appears to have originated in the U.S. caused enough of a stir on the West Island Tuesday morning to force Beaconsfield High School to close for the day.

Montreal police were dispatched to the school early Tuesday after the threat, which apparently came from Georgia, suggested that a school shooting was being planned for 'BHS'. Somehow, it wound up in circulating on the West Island on Tuesday morning.

Buses arriving at Beaconsfield High were turned away upon arrival, and students and staff were told to go home, while police investigated.

Shortly after noon Tuesday, the Montreal police department officially declared the threat unfounded.

On Monday, a threat against Brunswick High School in Glynn County, Georgia began circulating via AirDrop, a social media app for Apple devices.

“Warning: SCHOOL SHOOTING SCHEDULED 4TH BLOCK @BHS… ITS GONNA BE WORTH IT,” the original post reads. “MY GOAL IS 20-30 STUDENTS DEAD. (Run, I Love A Good Hunt.)

A Georgia teenager is reportedly under arrest for having made that threat.

Classes are expected to resume at Beaconsfield High on Wednesday.