Sklavounos won't return to Liberals until he makes "sincere statement": premier

Premier Philippe Couillard says Gerry Sklavounos' return to the Quebec Liberal caucus will neither be immediate, nor will it be automatic.

On Thursday, the Crown prosecutor's office announced that the Laurier-Dorion MNA will not face charges, after a complaint was filed by a Quebec City woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her in his hotel room in 2014, above the restaurant where she worked.

Sklavounos left the caucus after the allegations came to light, and has been on sick leave since then.

Couillard says Sklavounos needs to make a very strong, very sincere statement about his views on the relationships on the place of women in the workplace, and his interactions with them, before he can return to the Liberal caucus.

"In strictly legal terms, we can say that this specific question [of criminal charges] has been judged," Couillard told reporters in Friday. "But there's also the question of the sensibilities of the population of Quebec, and of Quebec women, particularly on this matter which deals with the workplace."

The premier also says he wants a meeting with Sklavounos next week about his future.