Small town in eastern Quebec torn by high school sex scandal

In a small town in eastern Quebec, a sex scandal at the local high school is dividing the community.  

La Presse is not naming the town because it is so small - many of the accused, as well as the victims, are underage and to name the place may lead to them being identified.  

Ten current and former members of the football team, two of them now adults, are accused of swapping nude photos of girls at the high school.  

Because the girls are minors, the boys are charged with producing, possessing and circulating child porn as well as internet luring and conspiracy.  

Some people in the town say the girls are responsible for their own fate because they agreed to pose nude. Investigators say the girls were unaware the recipient intended to share the shots. 

Other people are angry that, while awaiting trial, the boys are continuing to attend school and play on the football team.